First Unitarian Church of N.W.I.

Upcoming Sermon

That Thing With Feathers

Speaker: Sandi Watters

Hope. The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche called it the worst of all evils. Benjamin Franklin said: "He that lives upon hope will die fasting." And hope has been maligned by many others - as a sop, a crutch, and a slap in the face of logic and reason. But . . . where would we be without it?

Past Sermons

Love Is The Doctrine Of This Church

Speaker: Carl Wolf

We claim love as a guiding force in our religious practice. In our struggles against racism, love should be our motivation.

This I Believe

This will be an open mic Sunday service. We will ask for volunteers to share briefly (1-3 min) and extemporaneously what First Unitarian means to each of you. You can share a brief personal experience or your feelings about being UU or a member of First U specifically. Speak from your heart.

Burning Bowl: Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Speaker: Tony Pucillo

"The practice of burning offerings released into the atmosphere in reverence of the divine can be found in nearly every religious tradition. Our annual Burning Bowl ritual of letting go of the past and welcoming in the new allows us to imagine what is possible while releasing that which holds us down. As we prepare to greet the new year we join together in this cleansing ritual. Pause, look inward and emerge refreshed, ready to embrace the world we seek to create.

Tony is a professional public speaker. He has served as a Unity prayer chaplain And is currently is an active member and serves on the board of the Empty Circle Zen Group. He has recently returned to Northwest Indiana."

The Joy of Animals

The Joy of Animals - Celebrating Our Pets and Animals

Speaker: Barbara Langel

Life is better when shared with an animal, isn't it? Whether a cherished pet, or glimpse of wildlife to be enjoyed at a distance, life is better with animals. Please, send photos of your pets, with the name of your pet - or animals you enjoy watching - and your name to

Vespers Service (Christmas Eve)

This Year's traditional Vespers service includes a candlelit celebration in carols and verse. Join us for the service from 5:00 - 7:00, and bring a treat to share for fellowship following the service.

This years vespers will also be live here on Facebook, on YouTube, and our Website for those who can't attend in person

View the order of service here.

Atheists in Foxholes: Prayer for Religious Naturalists

Speaker: John Halstead

Petitionary prayer is an acknowledgment of the limitations of human action and will. The Universe doesn't choose to answer or ignore our prayers. But prayer can make us more open to grace, and more aware and appreciative of when it touches our lives.

The Power of Yes

Speaker: Patricia Riley-Churilla

The spirituality of the music of the progressive rock band, Yes. Their name and their mission were intentionally positive. A little cosmic sometimes, but almost always uplifting and all encompassing.