First Unitarian Church of N.W.I.

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Upcoming Sermon

By the rivers of violence in Babylon we wept. How shall we sing the lord’s song in a strange land?

Speaker: Rev. Gregory Jones

Living for peace in a land of violence and death. Either Jesus is not who we say he is, or we are not who we claim we are.

Past Sermons

Then and Now . . . Moving Forward

Speaker: Barb Langel

What was it like being a gay teenager 50 years ago - or 25 years ago - and what is it like now? What is needed to move forward?

Our Sixth Source and Seventh Principle

Speaker: Patrica Riley-Churilla

One Unitarian Universalist's thoughts on the influence of our Sixth Source and Seventh Principle.

Musings of a UU Buddhist on Practicing the Affirmation of Faith

Speaker: Jerry Ashmore

Our Unitarian Universalist tradition is a patchwork of the faith traditions of the world. We are free to do this because we promote spiritual freedom. This talk will be about how I, as a UU Buddhist, approach the practice of our Affirmation of Faith.

Bittersweet: The Bright Side of Melancholy

Speaker: Tina Porter

"Tina Porter will share insights from the Susan Cain book,

Bittersweet, and how embracing a melancholic nature can, in fact, be good for the soul."