First Unitarian Church of N.W.I.

Meet Our New Minister

Upcoming Sermon

Bittersweet: The Bright Side of Melancholy

Speaker: Tina Porter

"Tina Porter will share insights from the Susan Cain book,

Bittersweet, and how embracing a melancholic nature can, in fact, be good for the soul."

Past Sermons

Flower Communion

Speaker: Sandi Watters

Join the Worship Ministry in celebrating this traditional Unitarian service that began in Prague in 1923. Bring a flower or two to share as we honor diversity and community.

A Message to our Daughters

Speakers: Stephanie Dowell, Tina Porter & Karen Livengood

"Mothers talking to daughters about making choices and taking chances.

“We may never have the opportunity to do great things in a great way, but we have the chance to do small things in a great way.”

I Love You,


A Church is Only Limited By Its Volunteers

Speaker: James Johnson

A church is not the building, the books in its library or the food in its kitchen ... a church is the people. Today we will be showing our appreciation to all of those who make this building, the books in its library and the food in its kitchen into a church. We are moving into the 148th year of providing a home to like-minded spiritual seekers. We are seeing so many new faces and would like to remind everyone of the people that keep us running smoothly. We will also be identifying places where we may be looking for some help.

Why Commemorate the Holocaust?: A Question on Yom HaShoah

Speaker: Sandi Watters

The first commemoration observed in Israel in memory of the six million Jews murdered in the Holocaust took place on the 27th and 28th of Nisan, our 2nd and 3rd of May, in 1951. Seventy one years ago. Why continue to commemorate such a horrible event in the history of humankind? Why do we need to remember? What does it have to teach us?