Religious Ed: 10 a.m.     Service: 11 a.m.     Location: 5th & Main St. Hobart, IN     Phone: (219) 942-1611

John Halstead will share the 2011 CUUPS sermon contest finalist Holly Anne Lux-Sullivan’s talk, “The Gospel of Compost”. A naturalistic pagan, Holly uses the metaphor of compost to talk about life and death and the messiness of both.

10:00 First Hour

Fourth Principle Discussion Group

Food, Not Lawns

Do you or someone you know grow food in their yard? How would you feel about vegetables and fruit being raised in your neighbor’s front yards? What power should municipalities hold over personal property use?

Explore with Aja Yasir her journey of starting her therapeutic A Rose for Yaminah Garden, then having to save her full yard garden of several years when faced with the city of Gary telling her to remove it … even when it was zoned for agriculture.

Learn how she has brought together a strongly supportive community and started a movement committed to growing food restoratively. Discover how local urban agriculture could be the wave to support food for health, income and security.

Spirit Circle
Spirit Circle is a weekly fellowship of those that wish to focus on our personal relationships with our families, nature, our Higher Power, the hereafter, church and each other. All are welcome.

12:00 Coffee Hour & Fellowship

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