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The people have spoken. As a result, some individuals in the nation are elated, while others are angry, reactionary and defiant. In the days to come, the road forward will not be easy. These are extraordinarily challenging times that require so much of us while we attempt to salvage and remediate our flawed democratic process. More than ever, we will be required to practice and cultivate a sense of renewal and mindfulness to get through the ensuing days. We may soon conceivably have a vaccine for COVID-19, however, there is no vaccine for hatred and chaos. We will be required to exercise compassion and clarity: compassion for ourselves & others, and clarity so that we do not make bad situations worse. This is a time to summon our highest and best selves and channel our vision of a fair and just world. These circumstances might require us to walk into the ballot booths of our minds and vote for the highest and best version of ourselves. A vote for yourself is a vote toward a new beginning – a new normal. As Unitarian Universalists, we can to execute and activate the free and responsible search for truth that we advocate in our fourth principle. Cast a vote for yourself and the children and generations of children to come. Do your part to make that tomorrow possible.

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