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A young Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. joins 50 Atlanta sit-in students at Rich’s Department Store.  The next 9 harrowing days would change the course of an election and clarify King’s spiritual leadership and activism. Paul Kendrick and his father, Unitarian minister Rev. Stephen Kendrick, reflect on the lessons in this history and how that resonates with our Unitarian Universalist values.

Paul Kendrick is a leader, speaker, and writer. He and his father recently published their third book, Nine Days: The Race to Save Martin Luther King’s Life and Win the 1960 Election. Paul is the Executive Director of Rust Belt Rising, an organization training Midwest leaders on connecting with working families, winning elections, and delivering change to create thriving communities. Previously, Paul served in President Obama’s White House Personnel Office, recruiting and developing talented, diverse teams of appointees for the Administration.

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First Hour Religious Education

10:20  Dr. Martin Luther King’s spiritual leadership and lessons learned over 70 years of Civil Rights. Paul Kendrick, Facilitator

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