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Sunday, October 7th 2018

11:00 Sermon

Guests and Fish Stink After Three Days
Harvest the Power

Rev. Rudra Dundzila, speaker

We honor the first peoples of the Americas. We grieve the genocide that European colonization brought, and acknowledge our Unitarian and Universalist complacency in it. We seek honest restitution in relationship with those we have harmed.

You can also watch this video from the UUA and read the UUA’s 2012 Responsive Resolution on the “Doctrine of Discovery” for more information.

10:00 First Hour

Fourth Principle Discussion
Harvest the Power
Rev. Rudra Dundzila, speaker

Rev. Rudra Dundzila will select activities from the UUA Tapestry of Faith “Harvest the Power” curriculum. The program helps Unitarian Universalists with their church leadership. These will be COMBINED adult First Hour (4th Principle and Spirit Circle sessions).

This is an ongoing series of eight sessions, through December. In the spirit of shared ministry, various folks will be enlisted to co-lead individual sessions. If you would like to help, let Rudra know.

Children and Youth Religious Education
Seeing our own Bias
Kristen Schumacher, RE Coordinator

Our “Being the Change” curriculum covers topics such as “affirming our identities, listening with love, becoming better informed, finding humanity in ourselves and in others, and facing crisis together.” Its purpose is to strengthen participants’ sense of identity, and to teach social comprehension skills.

We’ll also raise awareness of important issues such as bias and microaggressions, and will give kids the skills they need to ensure justice, equity, and compassion in their relationships (2nd Principle). In addition, strong social comprehension promotes peace, liberty, and justice in our world community (6th Principle).