Religious Ed: 10 a.m.     Service: 11 a.m.     Location: 5th & Main St. Hobart, IN     Phone: (219) 942-1611

Sunday, April 8:

9:00 a.m.
Choir Rehearsal in the Sanctuary
10:00 a.m.
Religious Education

First Hour

Children’s Sunday School (basement) – UU faith sources of our living tradition

4th Principle Forum (fellowship hall) – How not to get arrested- John Halstead

Spirit Circle (basement)


Worship Service: Valerie Lambert and friends inaugurate our 2018 Giving Campaign. If it’s better to give than to receive, then this is our ideal opportunity to exemplify this expression. Plus, giving to First Unitarian Church in Hobart benefits all of us.

How do we keep the doors to our church open? We have a beautiful church and wonderful staff to implement our dreams and needs, but only because we all support the church with a small portion of our money as well as with our words and our presence. Help your church with your time and your concrete commitment.


Coffee Hour Fellowship (fellowship Hall). Coffee hour conversations will center around Giving.