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There’s no doubt we’re in a time of (w)reckoning and repair. So, how do we sit with the wreckage of late-stage capitalism and collapse? What are the skills and social technologies we need to practice in order to navigate these threshold times? And, what does it mean to re-pair when so many systems and beliefs need to be completely torn apart? By sharing her own personal and collective grief, Holly Truhlar will deepen into these questions. Then we will thoughtfully explore what repair entails from an attachment and soul perspective.

Join us live for this online service on Sunday, August 16th at 11:00 on YouTube, Facebook, or Zoom.
We welcome you to all online gatherings, before and after Sunday Service:
10:20 – Exploring the Sixth Gate of Grief: The Harms We’ve Done. Holly Truhlar and Desiree Coutinho, speakers We will explore the tender terrain of impact, regret, guilt, and harm – harm we’ve caused personally & collectively, and how to process our resulting grief, so that we can build deep, equitable relationships with others and our planet. Learn the Five Gates of Grief. Come explore a sixth gate of grief: the harms we’ve done (or are doing). This exploration includes personal harms we’ve caused, to ourselves & others, as well as collective harms we’re complicit in, such as racism, patriarchy, ecocide, and inequity. Join us in a short somatic practice and writing exercise.
12:00 – Coffee Hour
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