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Community is about meeting together and caring for one another. It is also about building up funds of memories of togetherness: memories which may be joyful or may be sad. We can build community in small specific pieces, but not by planning too hard. Community happens naturally when we get together in love and friendship and sympathy and affection.

Harlan Bjornstad is a playwright, poet, & musician who lives in Valparaiso with his wife Jennifer. He was born in the hill country of South India to missionary parents and lived there until he was eight. Since coming to Valparaiso in 2001, Harlan has had plays produced locally and two poems published. He also keeps a blog called Nine-Volt Nomad on the subject building community.

10:00 First Hour

Fourth Principle Discussion Group

Children’s RE

Heeding The Call: Qualities of a Justicemaker

This curriculum, provided by the UUA, helps cultivate qualities in youth participants that allow them to not only become more aware of injustices around them, but also to begin working toward a more just world. Through stories, role-plays, and discussions, youth will explore topics from courage to cooperation, all within a social justice framework. 

There will be certain Sundays (TBD) that youth will participate alongside adults in the 1st Hour 4th Principle Forum for inter-generational RE. 

Spirit Circle

Spirit Circle is a weekly fellowship of those that wish to focus on our personal relationships with our families, nature, our Higher Power, the hereafter, church and each other. All are welcome to attend either on an occasional or regular basis.

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