Religious Ed: 10 a.m.     Service: 11 a.m.     Location: 5th & Main St. Hobart, IN     Phone: (219) 942-1611

Interim Minister

Rev. Patrick Price is currently serving First Unitarian Church of Hobart as the half-time Interim Minister while we are in search for a settled minister to work three-quarter time.

Rev. Patrick earned his Master’s in Divinity from Meadville/Lombard Theological School in 1995. He was raised in Ft. Worth as a fourth generation member of The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)—a denomination that emphasizes non-creedalism, lay empowerment, and congregational polity. Rev. Patrick’s theological journey has encompassed Contemporary Paganism, Humanism, and historical Jesus studies. He writes: “I understand Unitarian Universalism to be a pluralist faith learning to practice grounded openness.” 

Rev. Patrick is a Certified Shamanic Practitioner and a Certified Hypnotist (although we didn’t require that as part of the job!) In addition to his broad theological perspective, he has particular strengths in strategic planning, governance, and administration. 


Office Manager, Valerie Lambert

Interim Religious Education Director, Janet French

Music Director, Jeremy Jacobsen

Financial Assistant, David Pifko

Church Sexton, Jerry Ashmore

Board of Directors

President, Tracy Ferrell

Vice President, Karen Livengood

Treasurer, Maggie Reister

Secretary, Don Parker

Carl Wolf

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