Annual Meeting 2022



2021 Meeting Minutes

UU 2021 Annual Mtg Minutes Draft July 2021.pdf
President's Report.pdf

President's Report

FY 2023 Church Budget.pdf

FY 2023 Budget

Committee Reports

150th Anniversary Report & Survey.pdf

150th Anniversary

Administration Ministry Report.pdf

Admin & Governance

Buildings & Grounds Report.pdf

Building & Grounds

Denominational Affairs Report.pdf

Denominational Affairs

FIA Report.pdf

Faith in Action

Finance Committee Report.pdf


Fundraising Report.pdf


Hospitality report .pdf


IT Report .pdf

Information and Technology

Library and Archives Report.pdf

Library and Archives

Membership & Caring Annual Report.pdf

Membership & Caring

RE Report.pdf

Religious Education

Right Relations Task Force Report.pdf

Right Relations Task Force

Search Committee Report.pdf

Search Committee

Worship Report.pdf


Bylaws and constitution updates for approval

2022 Proposed Bylaws showing proposed revisions.pdf

Proposed Bylaws

2022 Proposed Constitution showing proposed changes in red.pdf

Proposed Constitution

1st UU current (2018) Bylaws.pdf

Current Bylaws

1st UU current (2018) Constitution.pdf

Current Constitution